Elizabeth and Anne Frazee, of Gettysburg , Pa. , have more in common than most sisters.

For one thing, they are twins.

And when it was time to pick a college, they decided to attend the same school and share the same major.

So, it was only fitting that before they graduated from West Virginia University last month, they were both named outstanding seniors in the Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising Program.

Elizabeth was given the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for earning the highest grade-point average in her class, and faculty selected Anne to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award.

�€?Anne received the award because she has demonstrated maturity, a solid work ethic and exemplary professionalism while pursuing her degree,�€? said Nora MacDonald, professor and program coordinator for the Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising Program.

While holding jobs to assist with college expenses, both excelled academically and found time to participate in internships and assistantships that would help them in their future careers.

Anne had the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for the Merchandising Study Tour, a four-day event in New York City that focused on different areas of the fashion industry.

�€?She handled those responsibilities very professionally and represented the current students exceptionally well during her interactions with alumni of the program who reside and work in the greater New York City area,�€? MacDonald said.

Elizabeth did an outstanding job as a teaching assistant for the apparel construction and fitting course, she noted.

Although they have different career objectives, both hope to relocate to the Annapolis , Md. , or Washington , D.C. , area. Anne would like to work in marketing while Elizabeth’s focus is visual merchandising.

�€?The members of the textiles, apparel and merchandising faculty are proud of them and their accomplishments,�€? MacDonald said. �€?We look forward to interacting with both women as they move into the professional realm.�€?

Elizabeth and Anne are the daughters of Tricia and Jim Frazee. Their sister, Katherine Frazee, is also a graduate of the program and is currently an interior designer with Model Home Interiors in Annapolis.