Long-time West Virginia University educator Dr. Barry Edelstein has been reappointed as the Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology.

Edelstein joined the faculty in the department of psychology, housed in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, in 1974 as assistant professor. Since then, he has been promoted to associate professor in 1978, professor in 1985 and Eberly Distinguished Professor in 2002.

�€?This recognition has provided more flexibility to pursue my scholarly endeavors,�€? Edelstein said. �€?For this, I am very grateful to the Eberly family.�€?

In addition to his teaching, Edelstein has been able to expand his research in clinical geropsychology.

The emphasis of his research is on older adult medical decision-making. His interests are in the factors that influence the decision-making of older adults and the corresponding decision aids that could help in this process. In a clinical setting, Edelstein is concentrating on the assessment of decision capacity of older adults.

As an extension of his research, he is also a member of the American Bar Association/American Psychological Association Assessment of Capacity in Older Adults Project Workgroup.

The project was established by the American Psychological Association Office on Aging and the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging to provide manuals to aid lawyers and judges who are considering the competency of older adults.

He has co-authored the document �€?Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity: A Handbook for Lawyers.�€? Currently, he is assisting in the development of a companion document for judges.

Edelstein attributes part of his research expansion to the appointment as a distinguished professor enabled by the Eberly family.

�€?I am very appreciative of the opportunities that the professorship has offered,�€? Edelstein said. �€?I hope that these opportunities will lead to larger projects down the road.�€?