West Virginia University has an expert available to discuss today’s (Thursday, May 25) guilty verdicts in the trial of former Enron chiefs Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling.

Both Lay and Skilling were convicted of conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud in a case born from one of the biggest business scandals in U.S. history.

The verdict came in the sixth day of deliberations in following a trial that last nearly four months.

Assistant professor of accounting Tony Amoruso is a former employee of Arthur Anderson, the international accounting firm once employed by Enron. Dr. Amoruso did not work with Enron while at Arthur Anderson, but has followed the case with keen interest. He can comment on how corporations are now perceived, what the high-profile Enron trial has done for corporate images, and corporate financial malfeasance in general.

Amoruso’s areas of expertise include auditing and financial accounting. He can be reached at 304-293-7858, or 304-290-5049.