As the spring semester draws to a close, West Virginia University’s Department of Public Safety would like to remind students that a need for increased security exists this time of year.

Follow these suggestions to help make the end of the school a little safer, more secure and less stressful:

  • Don’t leave anything of value unattended �€even for a minute.

  • Lock your residence hall rooms, and secure the doors and windows in your apartments.

  • Don’t leave books or book bags unattended. These are a high risk item at this time of year.

  • Lock your vehicle, keep windows rolled up, and if you need to leave valuables in your vehicle �€lock them in the trunk, or store them out of sight.

  • Don’t involve yourself in any activity that may result in your being arrested or criminally cited.

On behalf of DPS , the department wishes students good luck on finals and a safe and enjoyable summer.