AFROSOLO , a series of powerful one-person performances celebrating Black History Month, will continue Thursday, Feb. 23, in the West Virginia University Creative Arts Center withFree Jujube Brown!

The play by hip-hop performance artist Psalmayene 24 will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Gladys G. Davis Theatre. The performancewhich is free but requires tickets for general seatingis co-sponsored by the Center for Black Culture and Research and the College of Creative Art’s Division of Theatre and Dance.

Free Jujube Brown!is a one-man, multicharacter-driven play that uses hip-hop movement and musical compositions to help tell the story of a young writer who accidentally shoots and kills a police officer. Through the guise of 10 characters, this performance creatively comments on such issues as racial identity, the commercialization of revolution and the state of hip-hop culture.

Psalmayene 24whose name meansone who creates sacred song and prosperityis a writer and an actor.

In this performance, he uses mime, music, dance and especially characterization to tell the story of Jujube Brown, a young black writer who becomes an unwitting media celebrity and political cause. He shifts effortlessly in and out of characters, including a blind political street leader, a kindly Jewish shop owner, the personified figure of hip hop and many others.

The last AFROSOLO performance will beEmergence-See!by actor and Def poet Daniel Beaty on Feb. 28. The story begins in New York City 2003, where a slave ship has risen from the waters off the coast of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The play vividly shares the plight of African slaves during the Middle Passage and characters tell the stories of their experiences in this highly charged production.

For more information or free tickets, call the WVU Box Office at (304) 293-SHOW.