Cooking dinner.

Getting your car repaired.

Studying for a test.

Getting to school or work on time.

How do you approach the tasks of everyday life? Are you asetem up and knockem downlist-makeror do you wait until the last minute?

Are you an effective, focused multitasker, or do you find yourself trying to do too much at once?

Charting the ways we get things done is the aim of a new study by West Virginia University psychologist Jennifer Margrett.

Dr. Margrett is seeking adults of all ages and walks of lifefrom 20-somethings to the middle-aged and senior citizensto help her understand how individuals approach common daily tasks.

All participants need do is attend an hour-long session.

To learn more, contact Margrett’s associate Tara Neely at tneely@mix.wvu or 304-293-2001.