Two articles written by Professor Charles Jaffe have received national attention in academic journals. Jaffe, from the C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University, has been published inNonlinearityandNotices of the American Mathematical Society.

The Geometry of Reaction Dynamics”was selected to appear on the Highlights webpage of the journalNonlinearity.The Highlights page features the finest articles published in the journal since it began in 1988, which have had a significant impact on the field of nonlinearity. In mathematics, nonlinearity refers to a system in which effects are not directly proportional to causes, or chaotic. For example, Chaos Theory, Einsteins General Relativity, and the Earths weather systems are all nonlinear.

Nonlinearity is a monthly electronic journal published by the Institute of Physics Publishing.

Ground Control to Niels Bohr: Exploring Outer Space with Atomic Physics,a feature article in the journal,Notices of the American Mathematical Society,discusses the work of Dr. Jaffe and his collaborators, California Institute of Technology mathematician Jerrold Marsden, and Georgia Institute of Technology chemist Turgay Uzer. Their mathematical work describes both the chaotic behavior of the motion of objects in space (space craft, comets) and the rates of chemical reactions in terms of motions of atoms and molecules. Chemists and astronomers can use the same mathematical tools to understand complex behavior on extremely different scales.

As the membership journal of the American Mathematical Society, Notices is the world’s most widely read magazine aimed at professional mathematicians.

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