West Virginia University’s Appalachian Hardwood Center will co-sponsor a log and lumber truck safety day from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, at the southbound I-79 weigh station north of Fairmont between exits 146 (Goshen Road) and 139 (Picketts Fort).

Participating drivers will receive a Class 1 Public Service Commission inspection on their truck and trailer. Trucks and trailers passing the inspection will be awarded a Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance sticker. This sticker recognizes the excellent condition of the vehicle and exempts the driver from a regular roadside safety inspection for three months.

Participation in this event is strictly voluntary, and those not passing inspection will not be penalized. Sponsors of this program will be providing an on-site mechanic to make repairs on trucks and trailers so that they may pass inspection. All minor repairs will be covered by the sponsors.

Drivers will also receive informational packets that include truck safety materials, checklists, stickers and a red load flag. Reflective tape will be installed on all trailers and standards of participating trucks during the inspection.

Other sponsors of this event are the West Virginia Forestry Association, West Virginia Bureau of Employment Programs’Workers Compensation Division, West Virginia Division of Forestry, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and West Virginia Public Service Commission.

Previous truck safety events held at Mt. Hope and Coopers Rock resulted in 27 trucks being inspected.

For more information, contact Ben Spong, forest operations Extension specialist, Appalachian Hardwood Center, at ben.spong@mail.wvu.edu , or 304-293-2941 ext. 2302.