West Virginia University at Parkersburg has set a 29-year record in the number of full-time students enrolled in classes for the fall semester.

According to preliminary figures, the college’s fall full-time equivalency rate which formulates full-time instruction compared to headcount enrollment is the second highest FTE in the college’s history.

The 2,564 FTE rate is second only to the fall 1975 rate when the college experienced an FTE of 2,667.This fall’s rate represents a 2.5% increase over last year’s FTE .

The college’s overall enrollment increased by nearly 2% for the fall with 3,784 enrolled.

College officials attribute continuing refinement of the institution’s course scheduling as contributing to more students taking more classes.

“We are constantly working to sustain a student-centered learning environment which meets students’needs,” WVU Parkersburg President Marie Foster Gnage noted.

“With students taking more classes, we are noticing more of them are staying on campus longer,”she added.”So we have created more comfortable lounge areas and we are increasing opportunities for students to get involved in activities.”

Expansion of the college’s course scheduling options for studentsespecially those that work or who have familiesis maximizing their time on campus.

“We are noticing a sharp increase in the number of students taking advantage ofMonday-Wednesday, Tuesday-Thursday and Friday-only courses that accommodate working students; on-line and blended delivery courses that better fit their work and family schedules, and a full array of student support services to assist them in achieving academic objectives,”Joseph Badgley, executive dean of academic affairs, said.