From insects to vampires, a wide variety of topics will be discussed at the 10 th annual WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Homecoming Lectures and Brunch Program, hosted by Interim Dean Rudolph P. Almasy.

The lectures will take place at 9:05 a.m. in Woodburn Hall classrooms prior to the WVU -Louisville gameset for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff at Mountaineer Field.

Topics include:

Jeffrey Wells, associate professor of biology, presentsBugs and Bodies: The Evolution of Forensic Entomology and the Role of Science in Court.The presentation focuses on the topic of forensic entomology to illustrate the ways forensic scientists are reforming their own practice and the manner in which their conclusions are presented in court.

Lisa DiBartolomeo, visiting assistant professor of foreign languages and WVU alumna, presentsVampires: Sex, Blood and Revolution,exploring how and why vampires have sunk their teeth so deeply in our culture. DiBartolomeo was the first British Marshall Scholar in WVU history, winning the scholarship in 1990.

Decisions, Decisions: The Psychology of Good and Bad Choicesis the topic of discussion by Karen Anderson, who joined WVU in 1993 as assistant professor of psychology. Her talk will explore why individuals differ in the choices they make and the important factors in determining those choices.

Looking Into Glass: West VirginiasOtherIndustry and the Changes it Wroughtby assistant professor of History Kenneth Fones-Wolf examines the history of West Virginia glass industry, at one time the states largest manufacturing industry.

Mark Wicclair, professor of philosophy and community medicine, discusses important ethical and legal decisions in healthcare inWhat can we Learn from the Terri Schiavo Case?Schiavo died earlier this year after being kept alive for 15 years in a persistent vegetative state.

The lectures will followed by a Mountaineer Brunch at 10 a.m. in Hatfields, located in the Mountainlair.

Registration will be taken by phone by calling 304-293-4611, or e-mail at . When registering, please list the lecture you wish to attend in order of preference.