In the event of a significant local or national emergency or disaster, the WVU Police has a team to meet the challenge.

The Rapid Response Team consists of five police officers specially trained and equipped on current first-response tactics and techniques.

The team provides an extra level of preparedness for the campus and community,said Bob Roberts, director of WVU s Department of Public Safety.In todays environment, that is key.

Led by Lt. Bob Cheslock, team members began their training at the state level, and that included hazardous materials technician training. They moved on to federal trainingincluding specialized weapons training and training with explosivesat U.S. Department of Homeland Security agencies in Anniston, Ala., and Soccoro, N.M.

They are equipped with military-style clothing, protective equipment, chemical and biological protective suits, defensive and attack hardware, emergency communications equipment and other tactical support equipment.

Other members of the team are Sgt. Danny Camden and officers Pat Bonafield, W.P. Chedester and Victor Propst.

The training was funded through federal grants.