Minority students wishing to pursue doctoral degrees at West Virginia University can get a real education on the subject during the Universitys fifth annual Colloquium for Aspiring Minority Doctoral Candidates, which runs Sunday through Tuesday (Sept. 11-13) on the Downtown Campus.

Candidates will learn about the full range of WVU s academic opportunities in doctoral education, while getting important information about Morgantown and the region, organizers say.

Its just an opportunity for us to familiarize those aspiring doctoral students with what we do, WVU administrator Jennifer McIntosh said.Were going to talk about admission standards, and all the ways you can help fund your post-graduate education at WVU . Were going to encourage students to just simply consider all the various academic possibilities and opportunities theyll find here.

McIntosh is the executive officer for the Presidents Office for Social Justice, which is sponsoring the colloquium with the state Chancellors Office of the Higher Education Policy Commission, and the WVU Office of the Provost.

The colloquium usually draws 50-75 students who are high-achievers in the classroom, McIntosh said. They usually already have masters degrees, and have a definite eye on future careers in academia.

Theyre already planning ahead,McIntosh said.Theyre preparing for their futures and considering their options. And WVU is a very good option. We especially encourage high-achieving undergraduates to think about the colloquium, just for the opportunity.

And while the colloquium serves as an awareness program for prospective students, it also works to increase the pool of candidates participating in the WVU Academic Partnership Program.

That program, established three years ago, provides semester-long teaching appointments for minority doctoral students. Teaching fellows in the program take up posts in classrooms at colleges and universities throughout the state.

Its all about the future,McIntosh said.

For more information on the colloquium and WVU s academic partnership program, call McIntosh at 304-293-5496.