The 2005 Community College Survey of Student Engagement results report that the Community and Technical College at WVU Tech is a national high performer in the area of student-faculty interaction as compared with colleges of similar size across the nation.

This recognition validates that the CTC at WVU Tech faculty members are a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to student success. In addition to the high rating in student-faculty interaction, the college also scored well above the national average for active and collaborative learning.

Quality education shouldnt be only about inputs and resources, such as how much students already know when they arrive or how �€~selectivea college is in admitting students. Quality should be about the student experience�€about what we do to engage our students, help them achieve their educational goals, and ultimately, improve the quality of their lives through educationsays Beverly Jo Harris, president of the CTC at WVU Tech.

“Research shows that the more actively engaged students are�€with college faculty and staff, with other students, and with the subject matter�€the more likely they are to learn and to achieve their academic goals,”Harris added.

CCSSE benchmarks focus on institutional practices and student behaviors that promote student engagement and that correlate highly with student learning and persistence. The CCSSE survey instrument�€administered directly to community college students at all West Virginia community colleges and participating colleges nationwide�€is a tool that helps institutions assess quality in community college education, focus on good educational practice, and identify areas in which they can improve programs and services for students.

This national recognition is a tribute to our faculty and their work with students,states Dr. Harris.Student-faculty interaction and active/collaborative learning strategies are major factors in the very high retention and graduation rates at the college.