Are two heads really better than one? Do good friends make aging easier?

West Virginia University’s Dr. JoNell Strough has introduced a research study to find out.

Strough, an associate professor of psychology in WVU ’s Life-Span Developmental Program, is seeking same-gender pairs of friends, aged 60 or older, to participate in her study on collaborative problem-solving among older adults.

The National Institute on Aging and the National Institutes of Health are funding the study, which seeks to understand how friends work alone or with each other to solve everyday tasks.

Pairs who participate will attend one session together and answer a brief survey, for which they’ll be paid $20 apiece.

WVU ’s Institutional Review Board has also approved the study.

For more information and to volunteer, contact Kelly L. Snyder in the Department of Psychology at or 304-293-2001.

The Department of Psychology is housed in WVU ’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.