The diverse talents of students in the West Virginia University Division of Art are on display at the Creative Arts Center’s Mesaros Galleries as part of a special summer exhibition.

Works by graduate students are part of an exhibit titled”What You Will”in the Paul Mesaros Gallery. In addition, works by undergraduate students are on view in the Laura Mesaros Gallery. Both exhibitions will be open through July 25.

The artists featured in”What You Will”include Chris Antonini, Bradley C. Birkhimer, Sean Blair, Jeremy Entwistle, Jason Jaros, Patrick Lee Jones, Myra Kaha, Lisa Miller, Michelle Moode, John Pascarella, Kelly Sipes and Ana Torres.

“This exhibition showcases the individual talents of these artists without the restrictions that a theme can impose,”said Bob Bridges, curator of the Mesaros Galleries.”The result is a spectacular cornucopia of diverse styles and approaches to making art.

“The work encompasses all the standard disciplines, from the traditional to the abstract, to the conceptual, making the exhibition sure to please the novice and the expert alike,”Bridges added.

The summer show by undergraduate students in the Laura Mesaros Gallery is a group exhibition curated by WVU photography professor Young Kim. The work was selected from 2005 undergraduate scholarship recipients.

“The two exhibitions in the galleries give a wonderful overview of what current students are doing in the Division of Art here at WVU ,”Bridges said.

Bridges said that many of the works are for sale at reasonable prices, and anyone interested may contact the Division of Art for referrals.

The Mesaros Galleries summer hours are Monday through Friday from 2-4 p.m. Also, the galleries are open during West Virginia Public Theatre performances.

For more information, contact the WVU Division of Art at (304) 293-4841 ext. 3138.