President George W. Bush will deliver his Fourth of July message mid-morning Monday in Morgantown, White House officials confirmed Thursday (June 30). The ticketed event will be held on West Virginia Universitys Downtown Campus.

West Virginia University is proud and honored to host President George W. Bushs July Fourth visit to Morgantown and the state of West Virginia,said Becky Lofstead, director of WVU s News and Information Services.

The last campus visit by a sitting president was Nov. 3, 1911, when President William Howard Taft came to Morgantown for the inauguration of WVU s eighth president, Thomas E. Hodges.

In recent years, Cabinet-level visits to campus have been made by Vice President Dick Cheney, then defense secretary, in September 1991 to salute the troops returning from Desert Storm. Former President George H.W. Bush was at WVU in May 1988, touring some of the WVU s research and engineering labs as vice president.