A West Virginia University College of Business and Economics professor will give the keynote address at an international business conference in England .

Jack A. Fuller, director of the Division of Business Administration, will speak at the 2005 Global Business and Finance Research Conference on July 15 at the London Hilton.

His speech,”Operational Analysis in the Energy Production Industry,”will focus on U.S. energy policy and operating challenges within the industry. He will talk about energy production issues for both utilities and industrial concerns such as General Motors and Archer Daniels Midland.

Fuller’s current research involves American energy production and related issues such as fuels, combustion technology and emissions.

He has given 67 research presentations at professional and academic conferences and has been awarded four best paper awards for research presentations at academic conferences. Twenty-four of his research articles have been published in journals, and he has served as project manager for 36 funded research projects.

Fuller teaches MBA courses at WVU on management science and operations management.

He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University , a master’s degree in quantitative methods from the University of Iowa and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Arkansas.