A West Virginia University business student who is also a physician helped a United Airlines flight crewassist a fellow passenger with a severe medical problem this week, resulting in the Chicago-to-Shanghai flight being diverted to Edmonton, Canada.

Dr. Carl Kinder, a 2003 graduate of WVU s School of Medicine and an MBA student with the College of Business and Economics, was among 24 students and faculty en route to China for summer study Tuesday (May 31) when the medical emergency occurred aboard the Boeing 777.

The crew called for a physician to help a distressed passenger in first-class, and Kinder stepped forward. After his assessment, the flight landed after 4 p.m. ET Tuesday, and emergency medics in Edmonton took the man to the hospital. The man was not identified.

I cant give specifics, but the patient was in serious condition upon initial evaluation,said Kinder, 30, formerly of Charleston.His condition improved during the emergency landing, and by the time we reached the ground, his symptoms had essentially resolved.

He said he called for the emergency landing because he was unable to give a definitive diagnosis on the plane. Crew members agreed.

We asked for help over the PA system, and Carl Kinder came up and helpedfirst, by telling the crew to give the man oxygen,said Ylva Aitken, purser of the flight with 245 people aboard.

Capt. Charles D. Crosby, the pilot, thanked Kinder for his help. Crosby dumped 12,000 gallons of fuel to allow the aircraft to land safely in Edmonton.

Kinder, who expects to graduate in August with a Master of Business Administration degree, will be the 42 nd physician to graduate from the program.

It just goes to show the diversity of the students we attract to the program,said William B. Riley, director of the business schools Center for Chinese Business.

And that diversity is expected to grow, said Paul Speaker, director of MBA programs.

Our college has enjoyed a strong affiliation with the health care community since 1996,Speaker said.Evidence of this continuing partnership is a program the colleges Center for Executive Education is developing called the WVU Health Care MBA Essentials Course.

While many physicians and health care professionals extend their credentials with a WVU MBA , many are interested in continuing medical education with direct relevant application,he added.

The students are expected to return on June 13.