Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the Morgantown-based division of Mylan Laboratories of Canonsburg, Pa., has donated a Scanning Electron Microscope (CEM) to the Department of Biology in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University.

“This is an opportunity to build research infrastructure in the Eberly College,”said Dr. Jonathan Cumming, biology chair.”Until now, our researchers have had to go to NIOSH [the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health] to have access to this crucial piece of equipment. Having this microscope available to the College will increase our ability to do cutting-edge research.”

The Scanning Electron Microscope is a microscope that uses electrons rather than light to form an image. It has a large depth of field, which allows a large amount of a sample to be in focus at one time. It also produces high resolution images, which means that closely-spaced features can be examined at a high magnification. The combination of higher magnification, larger depth of focus, greater resolution, and ease of sample observation makes the SEM one of the most heavily used instruments in research areas today.

Mylan Laboratories is the nation’s leading independent manufacturer of generic drugs. Established in 1961, Mylan now employees more than 1,600 persons in Morgantown and generates more than a billion dollars in annual sales. It is one of the largest private employers in West Virginia.