Three faculty members from West Virginia Universitys Department of Psychology traveled to France over spring break to make plans for a future international exchange program and to present papers at a conference.

Making the trip to the University of Lille were psychology chair Michael Perone and his WVU colleagues Philip Chase and Karen Anderson. The trio presented papers at a conference on contemporary behavior analysis, and afterwards, tentative plans were sketched out for an exchange program between the two universities.

Perone said he hopes for a firmly established program in future years that would allow students and faculty to travel back and forth from both universities.

We want to learn about each others research,Perone said.

Thats already happening, in part. Dr. Andy Lattal, a WVU behavior analysis researcher, is on a sabbatical this year at the French university. And his colleague there, Professor Jean-Claude Darcheville, shares Perones hopes for the future.

It is our hope that these events (the WVU visit and sabbatical) will contribute to the growing internationalization of our discipline,he said.Specifically, to the development of international research between our group and West Virginia University.

WVU s Department of Psychology is housed in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.