Two poems by West Virginia Poet Laureate Irene McKinney will be featured this week onWriters Almanac,a daily radio program hosted by Garrison Keillor and produced by Minnesota Public Radio. The show is carried locally by West Virginia Public Radio (90.9) each weekday at noon.

The poems are from McKinneys latest book,Vivid Companion,published in October by Vandalia Press, an imprint of the West Virginia University Press.

On Thursday (Nov. 18), Keillor will end withFame.Today, (Nov. 15), Keiller readAtavistic.

In each program ofWriters Almanac,Keillor presents a list of cultural events and anniversaries, many associated with literature and literary figures, and then ends the program with a poetry reading.

Public Radio International currently distributes the program for broadcast to about 280 non-commercial public radio stations domestically and abroad.

The program is archived on the Minnesota Public Radio website at

Copies ofVivid Companion”may be obtained from bookstores or directly from the WVU Press . For more information, visitwww.wvupress.comor call toll free 1-866-WVU-PRESS (988-7737).