Evocative concepts will take physical shape on West Virginia Universitys Evansdale Campus as sophomore students in the landscape architecture program take part in the secondExhibit of Spatial Vision and ExpressionFriday, Nov. 12.

The young designers are enrolled inTheory of Landscape Architecture and Design,taught by Michael Hasenmyer, an assistant professor in WVU s Davis College of Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences. In the course, Hasenmyer encourages his students to take a holistic approach andintegrate art and design into the landscape.

For the exhibition, he instructed them to createa design of a space that reflects a specific, evocative adjective,such as mysterious, solemn or dynamic.

Students work in seven groups of three to five. Hasenmyer encouraged them to use environmentally friendly materials, so structures will be composed of fabric, poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and other substances.

Groups will present their designs to classmates at 9 a.m. Friday in the green space between the Agricultural Sciences Building and Percival Hall on WVU s Evansdale Campus. The installation will remain in place until Thursday, Nov. 18.