The road to the White House for both George W. Bush and John Kerry runs right through Americas heartland of Ohio this year.

The Buckeye State remained in the balance on the morning after the election, as uncounted provisional ballots thereupwards of 175,000, some officials saycould notch victory for either candidate. While the latest reports are that Kerry will concede the race to Bush, legal questions remain.

A group of West Virginia University law professors are available to talk to the media. They are:

  • Andy Wright, an adjunct professor and associate with Morgantowns Jackson Kelly law firm who is teaching the course,Presidential Powers,this fall at the College of Law. Wright is a former White House employee who can discuss the process from the prospective of a lawyer working for the incumbents party. He can be reached at (304) 284-4130 or at “> .

  • Professor Caprice Roberts can give a general take on the steps lawyers might take in Ohio, while also offering specific comments on the aftermath of the Warren McGraw-Brent Benajmin race for the Supreme Court in West Virginia. Telephone: (304) 293-7690; email: “> .