College voters have the potential to play a decisive role in Tuesdays presidential election. But will they go to the polls?

West Virginia Universitys L.J. Ulrich and Mark Conrad are doing everything they can to make sure studentsvoices are heard.

Ulrich is the president of the WVU Young Democrats; Conrad heads WVU Students for Bush.

Both students have already votedUlrich, a journalism major from Hershey, Pa., by absentee ballot; Conrad, a political science major from Morgantown, in early votingso they will spend Election Day campaigning.

Were (the Young Democrats) going to be making phone calls to WVU students, offering rides to the polls, canvassing the base within Monongalia County and phone-banking for the campaign,Ulrich said.Whatever we can do, we will do.

Conrad will join forces with fellow Republicans at Morgantowns GOP headquarters at 446 Spruce St.

He said the two most critical issues in the presidential election are the war on terror and Supreme Court appointments.

Bush will put in candidates I tend to agree with,he said.He already has terrorists on the run.

Ulrich, on the other hand, sees the countrys ability to deal with a developing China as well as the war in Iraq as important. He praised President Bush fordoing some good things with 9/11,but said its time togive the new guy a shot.

Think of it as like choosing quarterbacks,Ulrich said.President Bush threw the passes, drove the ball down the field and then lost it in the red-zone. John Kerrys the next option; the incumbent cant get the ball in the end zone. Why stick with him? We cant afford to lose.

But losing is exactly what will happen if Kerry is elected, according to Conrad, who described the Democratic challenger as waffling, rich and indecisive and Bush as steadfast, decisive and moral.