Daniel McNeil, professor of psychology at West Virginia University, received the Native American Studies Program’s Outstanding Service Award for 2003-2004 from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

The award recognizes Dr. McNeil’s work in many areas, including the Elder-in-Residence program, Sycamore Circle lectures, Honoring Dinner/Resource Room ceremony, web site, list serve and planning activities.

He also arranged a lecture by LaDonna Harris (Comanche), President of Americans for Indian Opportunity, at the WVU Dental School, and drew Dr. Joseph Trimble (Lakota) of the Center for Cross-Cultural Research at Western Washington University, to serve as WVU ’s first Elder-in-Residence.

Ellesa Clay High, coordinator of WVU s Native American Studies Program, noted that the award recognizes McNeil’sexcellent contributions.

We owe a substantial amount of our program growth and success to Dr. McNeils efforts,High said.

McNeil is professor of adult clinical psychology. He has a special interest in American Indian and Alaska Native Anxiety Research and serves as a member of WVU ’s Native American Studies Committee.

The Native American Studies Program offers a minor in Native American studies and works with academic departments of the Eberly College to encourage the offering of regular and special topics courses focused on Native Americans.