Every 79 seconds, someone becomes a victim of identity theft. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that it is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation.

With increasing concerns on college campuses, West Virginia University is taking steps to protect students and faculty from potential fraud. During the summer, WVU instituted a new identification process, replacing the old ID (Social Security numbers) with campus-wide ID numbers.

Over the years, we have had very few problems with using Social Security numbers,said Cheng Khoo, director of Admissions and Records.This move allows us to provide a more secure data environment and meet federal guidelines that mandate enhanced protection of individualspersonal information.

Specifically, the new WVU ID fulfills requirements outlined in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, he noted. The Safeguards Rule of the GLB Act requires financial institutions, including universities, to have a security plan to protect confidentiality and integrity of personal records.

The new nine-digit numbers can be obtained through the STAR information system. Students should use the following instructions to access their ID:

  • Click on the STAR tab
  • Click onWVU STAR information system-Click here to enter STAR
  • Click on one of the topics underStudent&Financial Aidsuch as registration
  • Click on one of the links (select term, request grade mailer, student schedule, etc.)

The number will be displayed in the top right-hand corner of the computer screen.

In addition, the new WVU ID is posted on communication that previously displayed SSNs, such as invoices, schedules and class lists. Students will need to use their new numbers when corresponding with administrative offices �€Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing and Student Accounts �€to assist staff with servicing requests.

According to Khoo, a transition period will allow current students, faculty and advisers to access the STAR Web using their old ID (SSN) numbers through Aug. 1, 2005, while those added to the system after July 11, 2004, will not be able to use their SSNs to access STAR directly.

For more information, go tohttp://www.wvu.edu/nsi/Technology/NewID/.