SEEING <span class=TRIPLE Triplets Paul, Sarah and James Braswell of Hedgesville will attend WVU this fall as freshmen. All three received PROMISE scholarships.”src=” “http://www.nis.wvu.edu/2004_Releases/images/triplets/braswell_triplets_small.jpg””:http://www.nis.wvu.edu/2004_Releases/images/triplets/braswell_triplets_small.jpg&quot ; width=”200”border=”0”/>

SEEING TRIPLE Triplets Paul, Sarah and James Braswell of Hedgesville will attend WVU this fall as freshmen. All three received PROMISE scholarships.

Photo by Janey Cink

After 18 years of living together, youd think most siblings would want to head in different directions.

Not the Braswells.

When they graduated from Hedgesville High School, they had their hearts set on the same college �€West Virginia University.

Paul was one of 15 students named a Bucklew Scholar this past spring, a prestigious WVU scholarship award that is named for WVU s former president Neil S. Bucklew.

Scholarships are key to Pauls education because unlike most families starting out with one freshman, the Braswells have three.

Come Aug. 20, triplets Paul, James and Sarah will pack up, head to the University City and enjoy the college experience together. The Braswell convoy of parents, aunts and uncles will also pitch in.

We all wanted to live downtown,said Paul,and we ended up getting assigned to different dorms.

With Paul in Dadisman Hall, James in Arnold and Sarah in Summit, move-in day will take some time and patience.

We have to marshal the family resources to help with the move to Morgantown,said father Mike Braswell.But we are happy with their selection of WVU . We were extremely impressed with the Mountaineer Parents Club as well.

For Mike and his wife, Patricia McMillan, sending their kids to college means clothes and boxes �€times three �€not to mention triple the textbooks, tuition and fees and potential homesickness. The Parents Club will provide a supportive environment during and after the tripletscollege days.

I am really looking forward to everything,said Paul.I know Ill have a lot of fun and it will take a lot of work, but it will a great learning experience to see how I balance the two.(more)

He said in each case, career and personal interests influenced the tripletsdecision to attend WVU , as did the short 2hour drive from home.

I was impressed with the engineering program,Paul said.

James, on the other hand, was attracted to WVU because of the size of the student body.

Im looking forward to the idea of college life,he said.Im interested in the classes that I am taking, but Im still up in the air about what I want to do. Right now Im a pre-English major.

Sarah, meanwhile, would like to pursue a degree in journalism.

I’m excited to be doing something completely different with my life,she said.

Even though the three will not be living in the same residence hall and will be taking different classes, they say that they will still spend time together on the weekends.

We will probably go to church together on Sundays,Paul said.

We plan on joining the Canterbury Christian Fellowship,chimed in James.

Paul hopes that he can also join a club sport such as ultimate Frisbee. James says he might try to start his own student organization.

All three freshmen received the PROMISE scholarship that rewards high school graduates with a B average or better and a 21 on the ACT with free tuition and fees. Paul and Sarah were also awarded other scholarships and will participate in the WVU Honors Program.

Their mother and I will miss them,said Mike.Its been an 18-year adventure so far, but they are ready to move on and we encourage them to plow ahead.

In the meantime, the Braswells arent the only ones seeing triple at WVU . Juniors Bethany, Megan and Ryan Morris from nearby Martinsburg are also triplets. Bethany and Ryan are studying exercise physiology, while Megan is pursuing journalism.