After the grueling finals, the long graduation ceremony and elaborate parties, this year’s West Virginia University graduates will get a second to sit back and breathe a moment before they have to start worrying about acclimating themselves to the real world. To make the transition a little easier, grads can make use of WVU ’s Career Services center.

Through career counseling students can have someone sit down with them and go over their resume to make it stronger for today’s competitive job market. Students can also get pointers for interviewing strategies and tips for letter writing.

The job market has improved 12.7 percent,said Bob Kent, director of WVU ’s Career Services Center.That’s the best improvement we’ve seen since 9/11. It’s grown in leaps and bounds.

According to Kent, employers are scrambling to get graduates fresh out of college.

Employers have started to expand again,Kent said.

The Career Services Center has hosted many successful employment events. The recent Big East E-Fair, on the internet, had posted 470 jobs online and received more than 10,000 hits on the Web site and had received 4,780 resumes with WVU leading the way. The E-fair is already being planned again for next spring.

Even now, it’s not too late to take advantage of WVU ’s Career Services Center, Kent said. In fact, WVU students who have already graduated can still use the center to help themselves find a job in their field.

We can help students find jobs across the boardanywhere from education to automobiles,Kent said.

The Career Services Center is located in the Student Organization Wing of the Mountainlair on WVU ’s Downtown campus. Students and grads can stop by any time weekdays between 8:15 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.