In anticipation of next weeks student body elections at West Virginia University, Student Government Association Board of Governors hopefuls took part in a debate Feb. 19 in the Mountainlair.

Campaigning wraps up Monday with WVU students casting their votes online Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 24-26, through their MIX e-mail accounts.

Two tickets are running in this years election. The team of L.T. Schoonover and Levi Stombock is running against Jordan Workman and D.J. Casto for the SGA presidency and vice presidency.

L.T. Schoonover (SGA presidential candidate)

Rank: Junior

Major: Management information systems

Hometown: Procious, W. Va.

Activities: Residence Hall Association president, Alpha Lambda Delta honor society adviser, WVU Marching Band; University Honors Program co-mentor; Sophomore/Junior Experience

Levi Stombock (SGA vice presidential candidate)

Rank: Junior

Major: Business and economics

Hometown: Sistersville, W. Va.

Activities: Residence Hall Association General Assembly, Stalnaker Hall Council president, University Honors Program, Dadisman Hall Council officer, Golden Key international honor society

Schoonover and Stombock platform: To re-emphasize the importance of the MIX , or the Mountaineer Information XPress; to revitalize this tool to a point where any WVU student can find anything they need no matter how small or large the issue may be; to bridge the gap between WVU and the state of West Virginia by getting the students more involved in the community; to continue the effort started by Students for Higher Education in the budget battle.

Jordan Workman (SGA presidential candidate)

Rank: Junior

Major: Economics and political science

Hometown: Madison, W. Va.

Activities: Student Government Association vice president, Board of Governors former member, Social Justice Committee chairperson, WVU Men’s Crew Team former member, Phi Sigma Kappa, Mountainlair Advisory Board

D.J. Casto (SGA vice presidential candidate)

Major: Accounting

Activities: Board of Governors vice chair, Italian American Organization president, Gamma Beta Phi, Neuman Club at St. John’s parish, Pi Kappa Alpha, Employment Services Committee chair

Workman and Casto platform: To acknowledge the concerns of students about the student union (for example, their desire for well-known restaurant establishments); to increase the services provided at the Mountainlair; to create a more compact and efficient survey to assess the concerns of students with respect to the’Lair; to fight for student input into student fees; to continue the programs implemented by student leaders in the past year, including Students for Higher Education, Child Care Center implementation and Student Employment Center.

The following candidates are vying for 15 seats on the Board of Governors:

Schoonover/Stombock Ticket

Megan Gillespie

  • *Rank: Freshman

    Major: Broadcast news

    Hometown: Beaver Falls, Pa.

    Activities: (College) Student Grotto member, Pennsylvania DECA alumni coordinator; (high school) Pennsylvania DECA state secretary, state president

    Platform: Improving the outdoors of our campus by working with the Morgantown Utility Board and WVU Physical Plant to improve the conditions of the sidewalks; tackling the traffic problems in Morgantown through various avenues, such as alternative routes for students and a crossing guard to direct traffic between classes

Luke Jackson

  • *Rank: Sophomore

    Major: Occupational therapy

    Hometown: Middlebourne, W. Va.

    Activities: (College) Arnold Hall Council vice president, HealthSouth volunteer; (high school) National Honor Society president, West Virginia’s Youth in Government program senate president

    Platform: To improve the efficiency of the undergraduate academic advising services; to both further increase the knowledge of the advisers and also to improve the communication between the student and adviser; to ease the stress of the students by making the scheduling process and academic year run smoothly

Matt Lee

  • *Rank: Freshman

    Major: Occupational therapy

    Hometown: Tornado, W. Va.

    Activities: (College) Arnold Hall Council social chair, Ruby Memorial volunteer; (high school) student body vice president

    Platform: To improve on campus housing not only for incoming freshmen, but all students of the University with emphasis on room quality and dining services

Ali May

  • *Rank: Junior

    Major: Biology

    Hometown: Chester, W. Va.

    Activities: Zeta Delta Phi founding sister and treasurer, Student Government Association Public Relations Committee

    Platform: To increase community interaction between WVU and the surrounding Morgantown community; to implement programs between local schools and the University, such as a recycling program

Anne Mutashi

  • *Rank: Junior

    Majors: Political science and philosophy

    Hometown: Morgantown, W. Va.

    Activities: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, University Honors Program, Golden Key

    Platform: Working diligently to improve the overall success and efficiency of student-organized activities on campus; to assist various student groups or individuals in advertising and planning their events

Timothy Oeschger

  • *Rank: Freshman

    Major: Political science

    Hometown: Chester Springs, Pa.

    Activities: (High school) varsity wrestler, baseball player, peewee wrestling coach, teaching assistant at local elementary schools, Hershey Public Library volunteer, Evangelical Free Church of Hershey

    Platform: To work closely with the Morgantown Parking Authority in solving parking problems, including availability for parking, parking without a permit, parking violation fines and parking at meters

Bre Rigger

  • *Major: Pre-forensic and investigative science

    Hometown: Cockeysville, Md.

    Activities: (College) Arnold Hall Council president, Kappa Phi Christian sorority; (high school) varsity badminton captain, marching band color guard, National Art Honor Society president

    Platform: To continue to increase the recycling program on campus and to make recycling bins more available for students.

Britni Schoonover

  • *Rank: Sophomore

    Major: Biology

    Hometown: Procious, W. Va.

    Activities: (College) 2003 Neil S. Bucklew Scholar, University Honors Program; Ruby Memorial Hospital volunteer, Little League, Girl Scouts; (high school) softball, dance team, student council, Honor Society

    Platform: To increase the standard of off-campus housing in Morgantown; to work closely with the WVU Off-Campus Housing Center along with the Morgantown Housing Authority to enforce and improve the standards of student housing in Morgantown; to make student housing a safer environment

Nathan J. Tucker

  • *Majors: History and geography

    Hometown: Follansbee, W. Va.

    Activities: Residence Hall Association downtown freshmen representative, Mountaineer Visitation Day tour guide, WVU Marching Band, College Republicans, Boreman South Hall Council

    Platform: To work hard with the Daily Athenaeum to create a newspaper that is representative of the 24,000 students who attend WVU , regardless of political affiliation

Ken Weaver

  • *Rank: Junior

    Major: Graphic arts

    Hometown: Scarbro, W. Va.

    Activities: (College) Braxton Hall Council, Residence Hall Association, J-Board; (high school) tennis, CC, National Beta Club, WVU Marching Band

    Platform: To increase awareness of varsity sports, sport clubs and intramural sports by letting students know when games are and where they can get tickets; have the Daily Athenaeum help promote and advertise in the sports section

Workman/Casto Ticket

Beth Belch

  • *Rank: Freshman

    Major: International studies

    Hometown: Uniontown, Pa.

    Activities: Braxton Tower judicial board, Student Government Association

    Platform: To improve hours for the PRT and buses to better accommodate students’transportation needs

Jacob Brezinski

  • *Rank: Sophomore

    Major: Political science

    Hometown: Athens, W. Va.

    Activities: Presidential Scholar, University Honors Program, Board of Governors, Social Justice Committee chair, Phi Sigma Kappa, IFC Judicial Board

    Platform: To challenge the off-campus behavior code; to increase student voice and participation

Shane DeVincent

  • *Major: Sport management

    Rank: Junior

    Major: Sports Management

    Hometown: Morgantown, W. Va.

    Activities: Italian American Organization, Lacrosse Club of WVU

    Platform: To create a better relationship between the Department of Athletics and student body while also increasing student attendance at all WVU sporting events

Leah DiDomenico

Rank: Senior

Majors: Management information systems and marketing

Hometown: Morgantown, W. Va. Activities: WVU Dance Team, Italian American Organization community service chairperson, Management Information Systems Association, Newman Club, academic tutor for student athletes, football hostess

Platform: Increasing student involvement in service learning projects and expanding the program’s funds; working to reduce fees at the Student Recreation Center for daily guest passes and for students not enrolled in summer school

Ali Gardezi

  • *Rank: Junior

    Major: Aerospace engineering

    Hometown: Pakistan

    Activities: International Student Organization president, Brooke Tower Residential Assistant, Student Government Association international affairs executive director

Jason Gross

  • *Rank: Freshman

    Major: Engineering

    Hometown: Morgantown, W. Va.

    Activities: Dadisman Hall Council vice president for community service, University Honors Program

    Platform: To deal with some residence hall policies such as ending the early curfew imposed on holiday weekends; to initiate a plan for WVU to work out a deal with the legalized version of Napster similar to what other major universities have done, which allows all dorm residents to download music on an unlimited basis; to do some research to resolve some issues with students and postgame celebrations

Brent Hardman

  • *Rank: Sophomore

    Major: Chemical engineering

    Hometown: Parkersburg, W. Va.

    Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Helvetia president, ACS , AIChE, Stalnaker Hall Council vice president, Chemistry Learning Center tutor

    Platform: Have the PRT run later on Saturdays and Sundays; improve the online book buying/selling system; promote U-92, the campus radio station through WVUp All Night broadcasts from the Mountainlair; put small vending machines for Scantrons and Blue Books in Halls as well as pencil sharpeners.

JoJo Johnson

  • *Rank: Sophomore

    Major: Economics

    Hometown: Richwood, W. Va.

    Activities: University Honors Program, Gamma Beta Phi, Chi Omega sorority executive board, St. Johns parish, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Governor’s Internship Program (summer 2003)

    Platform: Improving freshman involvement on campus by working through the newly founded Outreach program and University 101 classes; acting as a liaison for the Student Government Association and Greek community to strengthen the relationship of the two groups and obtain more input from Greek organizations; and working with WVU Parking to getcourtesy boxesto pay parking tickets in the Mountainlair

Michael Kephart

  • *Rank: Junior

    Major: Psychology

    Hometown: Burlington, W. Va.

    Activities: Student Government Association Academic Affairs Committee

    Platform: To increase student involvement with the Student Government Association; to monitor the Student Infoline; to utilize the Academic Research Committee as a resource in developing a new advising system in conjunction with the director of the Undergraduate Academic Services Center; to establish a liaison to work with the center’s director

Shannon Logan

Rank: Junior

Major: Public relations

Hometown: Baden, Pa.

Activities: Board of Governors, Gamma Beta Phi Society social coordinator, Zeta Delta Phi sorority founding sister, Public Relations Student Society of America, Diversity in the Media Association publications board member, Student Government Association Public Relations Committee member, Broadcast News Club (freshman year), Women’s Novice Crew Team (freshman year), University Honors Program (sophomore year), Arnold Hall Council (sophomore year), Residence Hall Association public relations chairperson (sophomore year), Gamma Beta Phi social coordinator, Zeta Delta Phi social sorority founding sister

Platform: To generate a rating system for all the teacher evaluations that students fill out at the end of each semester and have them placed on a University Web site

Lauren Oliver

  • *Rank: Junior

    Major: Advertising

    Hometown: Martinsburg, W. Va.

    Platform: To assist the Family Support Services Center by creating funds to build a facility that would serve as a daycare center for those 700-plus parents who attend WVU

Heather Richardson

  • *Rank: Senior

    Major: Broadcast news

    Hometown: St. Clairsville, Ohio

    Activities: Gamma Beta Phi service honorary, School of Journalism mentor, Student Government Association Public Relations Committee (2002-2003), Mountaineer Visitation Day tour leader for two years, New Student Orientation student assistant

    Platform: Implementing an alternate entrance system to the Student Recreation Center that would allow students, who forget or misplace their student IDs, to still be admitted based on their Social Security number, not exceeding three times per semester; re-evaluating the D/F repeat policy and establishing an appeals board in which a student can present their individual circumstances before a panel, and the panel would then review their academic record

Knute Scholl

  • *Major: Engineering

    Hometown: Madison, W. Va.

    Activities: (College) Inner Fraternity Council, historian, Greek Week chair, Children’s Miracle Network, Society of Professional Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers; (high school) golf, track

    Platform: To work with other board members on an online book exchange program to help students buy their books at a reduced price; to design an awareness program for New Student Orientation that would educate both students and parents about organizations and clubs; to aid the University in saving special programs such as senior design projects that may be eliminated because of higher ed budget cuts

Raj Shenoy

  • *Rank: Junior

    Major: Exercise physiology

    Hometown: Keyser, W. Va.

    Activities: Mountaineer Maniacs, WVU Golf Club, University Honors Program, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, WVU Advisory Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs student representative

    Platform: To improve student healthcare at WVU by providing students with a satellite nurses station at the downtown campus

Will Swann

  • *Rank: Sophomore

    Major: Finance

    Hometown: Charleston, W. Va.

    Activities: Student Government Association Board of Governors, University Honors Program, Beta Theta Pi, Mountaineer Habitat for Humanity volunteer

    Platform: To continue the initiative started to help fight pending budget cuts to higher education; to hold voter registration drives to give students an even more effective voice in state government; to hold campus safety and disability audits to make the campus safe and accessible to everyone

L.J. Ulrich

  • *Rank: Freshman

    Major: Journalism

    Hometown: Hershey, Pa.

    Activities: WVU Young Democrats public relations director, WVU Students for John Kerry vice president, Student Government Association Public Relations Committee member

    Platform: To increase interaction between the SGA and other student organizations; to increase participation among minorities in the SGA ; to increase student awareness and participation in campus, state and national politics

John Michael Veltri

  • *Major: Sport management

    Hometown : Clarksburg, W. Va.

    Platform: To make changes to help students get football tickets more easily, get in and out of the games more safely and easily; and help athletes of every team achieve their goals better