As the same-sex wedding spree continues in San Francisco, Catharine Buck, a community adviser to the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian Mountaineers at West Virginia University, calls itthe end of a terrible indignity to loving couples.

Buck, who plans to marry her fiancee this year, has been closely watching the events unfold in California. Here are some of her thoughts:

When I think of the important things of overcoming homophobia, the main indicator of whether people are going to get over their prejudice is whether they know someone who is gay or lesbian. People are afraid of what they dont know about,she said.

Buck likened the arguments against interracial marriages several years ago to those against same-sex marriages and cautioned that a constitutional ban on such vows would be the first time a constitutions been used to infringe someones rights and further discrimination.

Marriage encourages people to have a stable householdto be stable citizens,she said.Why not give gays and lesbians the same mechanism we give others? There are more than 1,000 rights and responsibilities recognized by the government that arent afforded to same-sex couples.

Buck said it is important to note that no religious institution is being asked to perform a marriage ceremony.

This isnt about a religious marriage ceremony; this is about a civil contract in a secular society,she said.

Buck is available to comment on the issue of gay and lesbian marriages. She can be reached at 304-284-9038 for interviews.

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  • Providing support and support services for bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgendered students, faculty and staff at WVU as well as their friends and allies in North Central West Virginia.
  • Educating the campus and community concerning bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgendered issues while providing a visible standpoint on such issues.
  • Monitoring and promoting social justice on campus and in the surrounding community.