Fulfilling a campaign promise, Student Government Association Vice President Jordan Workman announced the creation of West Virginia Universitys first-ever Student Infoline at Wednesdays (Feb. 11) SGA Board of Governors meeting at WVU .

The Student Infoline, nearly a year in the making, will provide one location where students can turn to find answers to any variety of questions they might havewhether about classes, housing, transportation or personal concerns.

SGA President Charlie Battleson pointed out examples of how the line could be used.When freshmen first come in, they might ask, �€~Where is this building on campus?�€~Where can my parents park when they come to visit me?�€~I was harassed and I’d like to file a complaint.

It will also give us useful feedback,added Mary Collins with Student Affairs,that will help us ensure that were offering the services and information students need. The Student Infoline and Student Information Centers will serve as a complement to the MIX and as an enhancement to the existing information desk at theLair. When we receive a number of calls about a certain issue, the MIX can be alerted to include information about that topic.

According to Battleson, the Student Infoline will be operational later this semester. There will be two Student Information Centersone in the Mountainlair and the other in E. Moore Hallthat will handle the calls during University business hours, 8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Students will also be able to leave voice mail messages after hours. The after-hours voice mail message will have information on WVU s existing 24-hour assistance offered by the Department of Public Safety (304-293-COPS) and Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services Center (304-293-4431).

Student Infoline staff will be trained to handle general information questions while questions that require more attention will be referred to Student Advocate Kim Mosby. Battleson said information from Parent Advocate Susan Lantz, who operates a similar toll-free line for parentsconcerns; the University operator; WVU Visitors Resource Center and existing Mountainlair Information Desk will be used as part of the training.

Last semester, Battleson met with Lantz, who fields 3,000 calls a year through the Parent Helpline, to get her input.

We want the Student Infoline to be much like the Parent Helpline. It seems like a resource that will really help students. Personally, as a young, uninformed freshman, it would have been extremely helpful to me to utilize a resource such as this,he said. Workman agreed.The whole point of us even having this idea was we thought there needed to be one place where students could call and ask a question and it would be answeredsomething thats very student friendly. We think this will be an invaluable aid in the transition from living at home to campus.