For 22 years, U92 , West Virginia Universitys campus radio station, has provided alternative music and programming for the WVU and Morgantown communities. But are WVU students tuning in?

The U92 Advisory Board hopes the results of a new survey will show where there is room for improvement. The group will be soliciting comments and suggestions online between Feb. 9-22.

Starting Monday, students will find a link to the U92 survey through their MIX accounts, said Student Government Association President Charlie Battleson, who serves on the advisory board and helped develop the survey. The SGA plans to publish the results online.

The U92 Advisory Board developed the survey in an effort to evaluate the listening preferences of students in Morgantown and eventually increase listenership,he said.I believe U92 ’s diverse programming fits well with a diverse student body, and it’s important to frequently survey their changing musical and radio tastes.

U92 General Manager Kim Harrison said the survey will ask students which local stations they listen to, how often they tune in, whether they are interested in hearing live music and if they buy or download music, among other questions.

Its important for us to gain their input about the radio station and what it has to offer. Weve been on the air since 1982 and its been awhile since weve asked for formal student input about the station,she said.

U92 , or WWVU -FM, is a non-commercial radio station that serves as a teaching and training facility for WVU students, while at the same time offering music, sports and news to the local community. U92 can be found at 91.7FM.

For more information, go to U92 ’s Web site,/, or e-mail comments to .