Will Saddam Husseins capture ultimately bring an end to the anti-coalition insurgency in Iraq? What impact will it have on the 2004 presidential election? How will Wall Street react?

Several West Virginia University faculty are available to answer these and other questions that have surfaced following the capture of the ousted Iraqi leader.

They are:

  • Joe Hagan, political science professor whose specialization is in international relations and American foreign policy, 304-293-3811 ext. 2583
  • Jim Friedberg, a law professor who specializes in international law, human rights and U.N. law, 304-293-7400 or 304-291-2332
  • Robert DiClerico, political science professor who can comment on what effect Saddams capture may have on the U.S. presidential campaign, 304-293-3812 ext. 5276
  • Ronald Balvers, economics professor who can comment on how the stock market will respond to Saddam being in custody, 304-293-7880
  • Bob Duval, associate professor of political science with expertise in international relations and national security policy, 376-4314 (cell) or 304-293-2655