A gift from Dow Chemical is aiding experimentation in West Virginia University’s C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry.

Union Carbide Corporation Technical Center donated a Model 1281 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter to the West Virginia University Foundation, Inc. in October.

J. Kevin Elkins, Technical Center director, facilitated the gift which is valuable for experimentation in the mining and chemical industries.

The calorimeter is used for certain heat measurements that are critical in the mining and chemical industries, and is the industry standard for heat of combustion determinations.

“The Parr Bomb Calorimeter donated from Dow Chemical Co. will be used in research and especially in teaching,”said Harry Finklea, chair of the C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.”The bomb calorimetry experiment is an integral part of the laboratory in our physical chemistry courses.”

Dean M. Duane Nellis also thanked Dow Chemical for strengthening its ties with WVU ’s chemistry department.

The gift was made in conjunction with the Building Greatness Campaign, which is being conducted by the WVU Foundation on behalf of the University and concludes Dec. 31. The WVU Foundation is a private non profit corporation that generates and provides support for West Virginia University.