Besides helping the environment, West Virginia Universitys recycled paper recycling program may also encourage people to get the flu shot and reinforce good tablemanners.

Under new guidelines, all paper except used facial tissues and paper containing food waste can go in the plastic blue recycling bins around campus, said Barbara Angeletti, WVU s recycling coordinator.

This includes newspapers, phone books, glossy magazines, file folders, light cardboard such as letterhead boxes, and manila folders with metal binder clips, Angeletti explained. Also accep100tablefor recycling is paper containing staples or paper clips, which used to be thrown away.

“In the past, paper had to be sorted by type before it was accepted for recycling,”she said.”Consequently, confusion resulted, and much of our paper waste was trashed rather than recycled.”

Angeletti said she recently paid a visit to American Fiber Resources in Fairmont, where WVU s recycled paper is transported, and learned the recycling plant will accept all paper products except used tissues and paper soiled with food waste.

Furthermore, the recyclables do not have to be separated into different bins, she added.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the new guidelines can call Angeletti at 293-2330.