West Virginia University students who missed the March 1 filing deadline for financial aid or students who wish to be re-evaluated for additional aid have another chance to apply. Federal funds are available in the form of work-study or Perkins loans for the spring semester.

To apply, students must fill out a WVU application athttp://www.wvu.edu/~finaid. The application for spring is only one page and takes less than one minute to complete.

That form doesnt need to be downloaded and printed but rather can be done entirely online,said Ken Sears, associate director of financial aid.Thats a nice feature and its really popular among our students.

A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is also required of students who have not previously completed that form. The FAFSA can be accessed athttp://www.FAFSA.ed.gov.

Both forms must be completed by Nov. 1 in order for the student to be considered for these two programs. The two largest student aid programs are also still available to eligible students, according to Sears.

Students can apply for both the Federal Pell Grant and the Federal Direct Student Loan Program by completing only a 2003-2004 FAFSA . Neither of these programs has a deadline as such. However, processing time is involved and students are therefore encouraged to apply very soon if they think they will need funds for the spring semester.

Students who complete a WVU application on or before Nov. 1 will be notified in early December. And, with the exception of the work-study program, financial aid is always first applied to a students WVU charges. Any remaining aid is then mailed to the students local address during the first week of classes.