“Help me. Im in jail and I need to make bond.”Believe it or not, its the latest fundraising pitch at West Virginia University.

Members of WVU s sororities will be”arrested”Wednesday, Sept. 3, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in front of the Mountainlair to raise money for the Student Memorial Scholarship Fund. The idea is to”Bail Your Sister Out of Jail.”Prisoners are expected to voluntarily turn themselves in and then sit in a mock jail until they collect $250 in”bail”money.

Melissa Yergovich and Casie Coughlin are two of the events organizers and also members of WVU s Student Government Association.

“Its a way for sororities to give back to the community and show their support for the University,”Yergovich explained.”All day, theres going to be one girl from each sorority inside the jail. Theyll have to ask students walking by for donations.”

Last year, SGA raised $5,000 for the scholarship fund through creative events like this one. Coughlin hopes to top that this year.

“Its not like your normal fundraiser,”she said.”Its a lot of fun. The sororities really get involved. We expect to raise $2,000 from this event alone, and its right before Rush so it gives the sororities a lot of publicity.”

The Student Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of WVU students who have passed away in the past year. For information on how to get involved with the Student Memorial Scholarship/Community Service Committee, pick up an application in the Student Organization wing of the Mountainlair.