Every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted somewhere in America. Many rapes occur on college campuses in dormitories and fraternities, and the assailant is someone the victim knows, according to the Rape, Abuse&Incest National Network. WVU s Department of Public Safety investigates an average of three sexual assaults a year.

On Sept. 23, students at West Virginia University will”Get Carded”to raise awareness about the problem of rape and sexual assault. Local rape crisis centers and hundreds of volunteers will distribute wallet cards and information about the National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-HOPE). More than 500,000 students are expected to participate nationwide on 500 college campuses.

Crime Prevention Officer Lt. Randy Friend and the WVU police are organizing the day-long event. Students and campus organizations are encouraged to attend a planning meeting on Thursday, Aug. 28, at 2 p.m. in the Mountainlair Shanondoah Room.

“I feel that one sexual assault is one too many,”Friend said.”Rape is a terribly devastating crime that can effect the victims life forever. Most people think there is only one victim in a sexual assault, but many lives are affected by the crimethe parents, siblings, friends and relatives of both the victim and the perpetrator. We want to do something at West Virginia University to reduce the number of sexual assaults to zero.”

p. Why is Get Carded 2003 so important?

  • People age 16-24 are three times more at risk of being sexually assaulted than any other group.
  • 61 percent of rapes or sexual assaults are not reported to police.
  • 66 percent of rape victims know their assailant, and about 40 percent of sexual assaults take place in the victims own residence.
  • Help is a phone call away. The National Sexual Assault Hotline is free, confidential and counseling is available.
  • Get Carded 2003 is an easy way to reach thousands of college students in one day.