Do you love sushi but have a hard time finding it in Morgantown? Or are you one of the many who have yet to taste this flavorful delicacy?

If youve ever wished for greater variety in the dining hall menus, your wish has come true. Dining Services will begin serving sushi this fall during two special dining programs.

One opportunity to try the new menu item will be duringAt Your Service,when administrators assist in the cooking and serving of meals each month in a different dining room, rotating among Towers, Boreman, Stalnaker and Arnold.

If you are interested in seeing how to they prepare this cold rice dish, which is often accompanied by raw fish or shellfish, theDemonstration Cookingprogram will allow you a behind-the-scenes look as the preparation and cooking take place in the dining arearather than the kitchen.

Over summer break, Dining Services staff attended a course to learn the intricacies of preparing an assortment of sushi dishes including California rolls, shitake maki, nigiri sushi, inari sushi, futomaki, dragon rolls and rainbow rolls.

Sushi is a very diverse item. It can be made in many ways and shapes using a number of ingredients,said John Birchman, food services manager.

While many people think that all sushi is made with raw seafood, that isnt so, he said.

Not all seafood used in sushi is raw, so those who have not tried it for that reason should know that there are types available with cooked meat or vegetables,he said.Were hoping to not only increase our menu items but to provide students and other diners with the opportunity to try food theyve not tasted before.

To see when sushi will be served or to check out other favorite foods, check the online menus at .

Theres nothing like Moms home cooking Dining Services is holding a contest this fallTastes From Homeand invites your parents to submit your favorite recipe. An application form with instructions on how to submit recipes was mailed in the Fall 2003 Mountaineer Parents Club newsletter and can also be printed from the Dining Services Web page at .

Winners will be chosen in four categories: entree, side dish, vegan/vegetarian and dessert. In addition to winning fun prizes, the winning dishes may end up on the spring semester menu.

Wed like to include all winning recipes on the menu in the spring,Birchman said,but we need to consider if the dish can be translated into a recipe that can feed thousands. To be included on the spring menu, the dish will need to be affordable as well as easy to make.

Dining Services is continually looking into ways to increase the number and variety of menu items,Birchman said.We want to provide students and other diners with a dining experience that is nutritious, flavorful and fun. Adding new items and programs allows us to do just that.

If selected, that favorite food may not only be added to the spring menu, but the winner will be awarded a $100 gift card good at any dining services location.