West Virginia University students have until Tuesday, May 20, to register for the first semester of summer courses.

WVU is offering more than 2,000 courses during the months of May, June, July and early August, including an increased slate of online classes and the traditional classroom fare of liberal arts courses. Summer Session I is May 20 through June 27; the second session is July 1 through Aug. 8.

“Summer courses provide students with an opportunity to meet some of their core curriculum requirements, earn additional credit hours toward graduation or raise their grade-point average,”said Sue Day-Perroots, dean of Extended Learning.

A sampling of summer courses:

  • The Division of Theatre and Dance in WVU ’s College of Creative Arts is offering several summer courses to help students meet their credit hour requirements in liberal studies. Courses include introduction to theatre during both summer sessions, acting for non-majors and world theatre during the first session, and art of film during the second session. For more information, contact Margaret McKowen, division chair, at 304-293-4841, ext. 3121.
  • A Department of Mathematics course to be offered during Summer Session II will include both a workshop to review pre-college algebra material and instruction in college algebra (Math 126). For more information, go tohttp://www.math.wvu.edu/workshop/WKS_126_combo.htm.
  • The School of Journalism is offering courses on the mass media in Vietnam.”Vietnam: Media Perspective,”offered during the first session, will cover the Southeast Asian nation from a media perspective with the focus on its history and culture.”Vietnam: Media/Culture/Language,”a supplemental course, will be offered in Summer Session II. For more information, contact Ivan Pinnell, associate dean, at 304-293-3505, ext. 5404 or Ivan.Pinnell@mail.wvu.edu .
  • WVU is offering 22 courses online this summer, a significant increase over the four offered last year. Web-based courses include introduction to computer applications, human anatomy, pre-calculus and American federalism policy.

To find out more about summer courses, go tohttp://www.wvu.edu/~summer/.