The American Association of University Presses (AAUP) accepted the West Virginia University Press as a member by a full-membership vote on Thursday, April 10.

An association that represents all major university presses nationwide, the AAUP encourages the distribution of knowledge and supports presses as they strive to make the fruits of scholarly research available. Providing an atmosphere in which presses may communicate with one another, the AAUP , with headquarters in New York City, is an organization that fosters the exchange of ideas and provides university presses with support and advice in all facets of book publishing.

A press may become a member of the AAUP only after proving that it strives to maintain the highest standards in disseminating scholarly information. A university press must be an integral part of one or more universities and should be so recognized in the manual of organization. A press that wishes to become a member must submit materials that affirm its adherence to these standards. Once an application is submitted, the AAUP ’s Committee of Admissions and Standards reviews it to ensure that the press meets the guidelines. After the committee is confident that a press’work is adequate, a majority vote of the full membership is required to attain affiliate status.

Dr. Patrick Conner, who has directed the WVU Press since it was revitalized under the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences in 1999, said that becoming a member of the AAUP is a testament to the University Press’quality and integrity. A distinguished professor of English, Conner has strived to ensure that the WVU Press is recognized both regionally for its work in Appalachian subjects and nationally and globally for its scholarly pursuits that extend beyond regional materials.

“This testifies that we are well on our way to achieving our goals. Our recognition by the AAUP asserts that we are a key institution here at the West Virginia University and in the national community of university presses,”Conner said..

Other members of the AAUP include the University of Chicago Press, Oxford University Press, the University of North Carolina Press, the University of California Press and the University Press of Virginia.

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