Two West VirginiaUniversity second-year law students, David Jecklin from Morgantown and Jason Roma from Huntington, have been chosen to compete in this years prestigious Bakers Cup Competition and argue a case before the West Virginia Supreme Court Tuesday, March 25.

The justices, on their annual hiatus from Charleston to Morgantown, will preside over the competition at the WVU College of Laws Lugar Courtroom at approximately 2 p.m.

Earlier in the day, the justices will hear arguments in five cases beginning at 10 a.m. in the same courtroom. It is the high courts 13th annual visit to the University, and the public is welcome at both events.

Jecklin and Roma will compete in a mock trial dealing with the Fourth Amendment, which deals with search and seizure, and the Eighth Amendment, which pertains to cruel and unusual punishment.

The winner of the debate will have his name engraved on the law schools Baker Cup trophy. He also will receive $500 and a plaque.

Presiding over the case will be Chief Justice Larry Starcher, Justice Robin Davis, Justice Joseph Albright, Justice Warren McGraw and Justice Elliot Maynard.

The Baker Cup Endowment was established in 1980 to acknowledge second-year law students for outstanding legal expertise. It was created by the daughters of Judge George Coleman Baker, a distinguished Morgantown lawyer and 1886 law school graduate.