DAVID C. HARDESTY JR .
                        WVU PRESIDENT *


“As this great nation goes to war, let us all remember the sacrifices our men and women of the armed services are making to protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them and their families as well as our commander-in-chief and his administration in these uncertain times.

We, at West Virginia University, will do whatever is in our power to support and protect our faculty, staff and students during these days aheadwhether that is providing counseling and guidance to the University communityincluding our large international population; simplifying the process of withdrawing from school or work to serve our country; leading special forums and discussions to lend perspective to this conflict; organizing and participating in blood drives and other outreach activities; and taking additional campus security measures.

In these tense and difficult days ahead, we must also remember to be respectful of those whose views and opinions may differ from our own.

Let us remain a University community that stands strong, proud, focused and caring in a time when conflict is upon us.”