West Virginia Universitys Extension Service has received a gift of computer switching equipment valued at nearly $275,000 from Richard Palmer of Oak Hill, Va.

Owner of several businesses in JeffersonCounty, Palmer donated 210 computer network switches to the Extension Service. Extension will use the equipment at WVU Jacksons Mill and in Extension offices around the state to upgrade its computer infrastructure.

WVU offices and departments also will benefit from the gift. Extension is providing switches to other on-campus networks through the Office of Information Technology. The equipment will allow the upgrading of building computer networks, which will improve network performance for local users and ease the workload for network managers.

Among the on-campus recipients are the WVU Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineerings robotics laboratory, other engineering labs and several OIT training and research labs.

Chuck Clovis, local area network specialist with the Extension Service, and OIT staff will continue to identify other University locations where the switches will be helpful.

Craig Yohn, WVU Extension agent in JeffersonCounty, assisted in obtaining the donation.

The gift was made in conjunction with the Building Greatness Campaign: West Virginia University , a $250 million fund-raising effort the WVU Foundation is conducting on behalf of the University.