West VirginiaUniversitys College of Engineering and Mineral Resources has received fiber optic equipment valued at $626,000 from Corning Inc.s Photonics Technologies Division.

The gift-in-kind of optical instruments, components and equipment to the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering will be used in the Lightwave Systems Prototyping Laboratory for undergraduate teaching and research.

“This gift will add capacity and additional capabilities to the laboratory,”said Larry Hornak, a professor in the department.”More undergraduate students will be exposed to current technologies used in all-optical networks.

“Furthermore, graduate students will benefit as they perform work through this laboratory for the Department of Defense,National Science Foundation, National Aeronautics Space Administration and private industries in such areas as biosensors and semiconductor optoelectronic devices,”Hornak added.

The department received an NSF award during the mid-1990s to establish the Lightwave Systems Prototyping Laboratory. This lab is used for electromagnetics, optical communications, senior design and optoelectronic device courses.

James B. Ogundele, director of engineering for Corning Photonics Technologies, was instrumental in making the donation possible. Ogundele is an alumnus of WVU , earning bachelors and masters degrees in electrical and computer engineering from CEMR and a masters degree in business administration from the College of Business and Economics. He has been with Corning since 1988.

“We believe that it is critical for electrical engineering students to have access to the most current technologies,”he said.”Corning is pleased to help WVU build its laboratory infrastructure in optoelectronics through this gift.”

The Corning gift has been made in conjunction with the Building Greatness Campaign: West Virginia University , a University-wide initiative being conducted by the WVU Foundation to raise $250 million in private support. The Foundation, a private nonprofit corporation, is the designated agency to receive and administer gifts from private individuals and organizations for the benefit of West VirginiaUniversity.

Corning is a global, high-technology company that specializes in optical communications, information display, environmental products and other specialty material industries. The company has had successful results in cellular ceramics for pollution control, liquid crystal display glass for computer screens, video and digital camera, televisions and auto navigation systems. Corning manufactures high-performance glass used for telescope mirrors and windows in all United States manned space vehicles.

Since its founding in 1851, Corning has been a premier inventor and manufacturer of glass and glass-related products and technologies. Many of these inventions have changed the world: the light bulb, the television picture tube and optical fiber, among them.

For more information about the WVU College of Engineering and Mineral Resources and the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, go tohttp://www.cemr.wvu.edu. For more information about Corning, go tohttp://www.corning.com.