MIX upgrade delayed

March 10th, 2003

Upgrades to the Mountaineer Information Xpress, better known as MIX , will be postponed until May because of problems with the delivery of the new Sun K12 server.

Factors relating to the snowstorm in February have caused the delivery date to be pushed back until March 24, which is the day when classes resume after spring break. MIX and student e-mail will now be available throughout spring break.

“We had hoped to be able to do the upgrade during the small window of spring break,”said Cathy Orndorff, director of Web Services.”We will now plan to do the upgrade in May after grades are posted and the spring semester is completed. Students should see improvement in the speed of page rendering when the 3.2 upgrade is installed in May.”

The Homestead-Pagebuilder replacement will proceed as planned. Directions for saving your Pagebuilder pages are located athttp://www.wvu.edu/~mix/homesteadfiles.html. If you have pages on the Pagebuilder section of MIX , please save them before Monday, March 31.

Directions for uploading your pages to the new server will be available in the near future. Uploading can begin Saturday, March 15, when the new Web-hosting server will be available. The Help Desk (293-4444, ext. 1) will field questions and problems concerning saving your files and uploading to the new Web-hosting server.

Another option for faculty members to consider when moving their web pages is to employ WebCT, the Web-based course management system. Instructors with little or no knowledge of HTML can easily use this tool. For more information on WebCT, go tohttp://www.wvu.edu/~itrc/webct/#1.