While West Virginia University students are enjoying spring break, the Mountaineer Information Xpress, better known as MIX , will gain a new home and increased robustness with the addition of a new SUN 12K high-end server and an upgrade to a newer version of Campus Pipeline.

The following enhancements are available in version 3.2:

  • Performance �€significant performance enhancements will produce faster page renderings

  • Load �€the larger server will handle the increasing number of users before registration begins

  • Upgrades �€upgrades in other coordinating software systems such as WebCT and STAR can take place

  • New Web page storage �€ WVU students and faculty will house their Web pages at WVU instead of Homestead.

New Student Government Association President Charlie Battleson stated,”The MIX system is a great way to connect the campus and the students. These changes will make it easier and more convenient for all of us to use the many capabilities it has.”

The MIX system, including MIX e-mail, will be out of service to allow for the upgrade from March 19-23. The outage is necessary for the overall improvements to the system and for the growing demand on MIX .

The Homestead Pagebuilder contract is discontinued as of March 31, so WVU will now house pages for faculty and students. Directions for saving your Pagebuilder pages are located athttp://www.wvu.edu/~mix/homesteadfiles.html. If you have pages on the Pagebuilder section of MIX , please save them before March 31.

Directions for uploading pages to the new server will be available in the near future. Uploading can begin March 15 when the new Web-hosting server will be available. The Help Desk (293-4444, ext. 1) will field questions and issues regarding saving files and uploading to the new Web-hosting server.

Another option for faculty members to consider when moving their Web pages is to employ WebCT, the Web-based course management system. Instructors with little or no knowledge of HTML can easily use this tool. For more information on WebCT, go tohttp://www.wvu.edu/~itrc/webct/#1.

Please e-mail any questions to mix@mail.wvu.edu . All e-mail, class records and data will be moved to the newer version. Users should see a much faster response in the entire MIX student portal.