West Virginia University students have until Friday, Nov. 15, to pre-register for Spring 2003 classes, which begin Monday, Jan. 13.

“While freshmen are especially encouraged to take advantage of this final time slot, I recommend that all students who havent done so continue to pre-register until the end of the week as well,”said Cheng Khoo of Admissions and Records.

“WVU students who pre-register have an advantage when it comes to signing up for limited classes,”he said.”Plus, its advantageous to have it out of the way, so students can turn their attention to other matters.”

Previously this semester, sophomores, juniors and seniors �€as well as graduate and professional students �€had special pre-registration weeks set aside for their exclusive use, Khoo said.

“This process makes it easier for everyone to get the classes they need with less confusion,”he added.

To pre-register, students can log on to their MIX accounts, go to the Student Services section on the main screen and follow the direct link that takes them to the registration site.

“The on-line registration process makes this an easy and efficient process,”Khoo said.”It only takes a few minutes, but it can save hours of time down the road.”

Although pre-registration ends Friday, students can continue to register or adjust their schedule right up until the first day of classes, he added. General registration for new students begins Jan. 10.

“We did encounter a system problem with the large number of freshman students trying to register at 7 a.m. Monday morning,”Khoo said,”but WVU staff immediately modified system configurations as planned to handle the problem and the system was brought under control by 11 a.m.”

For more information, call 304-293-2121.