Injured workers. Sirens. Emergency vehicles. Medical personnel. Media rushing to the scene.

This is the likely scenario surrounding a full-scale”mock”exercise occurring at approximately 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, at a location near Pineview Drive, Route 705 and the Chestnut Ridge Road vicinity.

“Residents are advised that while this is a `mockexercise, it is important to provide the local emergency response community with the opportunity to test response and coordination ability in the event of an actual disaster,”said David Custer, exercise coordinator.”We appreciate everyones understanding and cooperation, and also want to give residents and those who might be traveling those roadways Friday evening some advance notice in case they want to avoid this area.”

While no traffic lanes will be blocked, Custer said there will be emergency vehicles in the roadway, traffic control, health care workers rushing to the scene and injured workers �€the type of emergency activity one would encounter in the event of a real and full-scale disaster.

Several hundred people will be participating in the drill.

The mock exercise is part of”Mountain Thunder II,”a Department of Justice/Office for Domestic Preparedness grant awarded to the WVU Virtual Medical Campus to develop training for local-level emergency response personnel to help them improve coordination of response to large-scale disasters.

For additional questions, contact Custer at or 987-1286 or the Morgantown Fire Department at 284-7480.