West VirginiaUniversity students have an excellent menu of options to choose from when it comes to service and opportunities with WVU s Dining Services.

�€?We are really working hard to provide WVU students with flexible options when it comes to food choices,�€? said John Birchman, Dining Services manager. �€?Additionally, because we offer so many services to faculty and staff, as well as students, WVU s Dining Services also provides excellent job opportunities for hundreds of students annually.�€?

One new Dining Services offering called �€?UpperClass�€? provides specific meal plans for commuting students that now includes breakfast options at the Mountainlairs Hatfields and Mean Genes.

�€?We realize that students start early and are always on the go,�€? Birchman said, �€?so it helps to have convenient options, especially for students who live off-campus.�€?

Students who purchase �€?UpperClass�€? meal plans on their Mountaineer identification cards can eat at any residence hall dining room, including the Mountainlairs Hatfields and Mean Genes, Birchman explained.

Purchasers can also opt to buy an additional $50 worth of food/beverages at all Dining Services-run facilities including McCoys in the Mountainlair, the Sports Cafe in the StudentRecreationCenter, the Lyons Den in the Towers Residence Halls and at Waterfront Café in One Waterfront Place, among other places.

�€?Judging by the tremendous response weve gotten so far, we know that this is going to be one of our most popular offerings,�€? Birchman said. �€?And more options are to come.�€?

WVU faculty and staff also may purchase the meal plan using their employee identification cards, he added.

Employee opportunities in Dining Services also abound for students, Birchman explained, providing them valuable opportunities to gain work experience in the hospitality industry and to earn extra money.

�€?WVUs Dining Services operates many restaurant and catering services on all campuses,�€? he said. �€?Students can work flexible hours and at various locations that fit around their schedules performing job functions that include servicing tables, preparing food, handling money, catering and more. And its a great way for students to earn some extra pocket money.�€?

Parents of WVU students, as well as faculty and staff, may also be interested in Heartwarmers, a program which provides cakes and specially created baskets of edible goodies to either hungry students or to say thank you to WVU s hardworking faculty and staff.

�€?We think this is a very nice plan,�€? Birchman said. �€?I know students always appreciate it, and gift baskets are always a great way for WVU faculty and staff to recognize their colleagues.�€?

For more information on any of these Dining Services offerings, call 293-2096, ext. 4.